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Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)
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Name          : Mostafa Mohamed EL-Sheekh

Date of birth: 9.2.1959

Mailing Address: Tanta University, Faculty of Science, Botany Department, 31527 Tanta, Egypt. Fax: 20-40-3350804,

                   Tel. 20-40-3315832,  mobile   012-410-6666


                   Home Page :

Nationality   : Egyptian

Marital state: Married + 3 children


* May 1981. B.Sc. degree in Botany with a general grade excellent.

* 1983-1984 Post graduation courses in the subjects covering the following topics: Phycology and Physiology of Algae, Microbial Physiology, Advanced Biochemistry Biostatistics and German Language.

* May 1986 M.Sc. degree in Botany (Phycology) from Tanta University.

* March 1991 Ph.D. degree in Botany (Phycology) under the title: (The systematic position of some algal taxa and the effect of some environmental factors on cell wall composition) under the Egyptian-German channel fellowship program.



* July 1982- June 1986 Demonstrator at Botany Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Egypt.

* Jun 1986- April 1991 Assistant Lecturer of Phycology at Faculty of Science and Education, Tanta University, Egypt.

* May 1991- September 1996 Lecturer of Botany (Phycology) at Botany Department, Tanta University, Egypt.

* October 1996, Associate Professor at Tanta University, Faculty of Science, Botany Department, EGYPT.

* October 2001, until now Professor at Tanta University, Faculty of Science, Botany Department, EGYPT.

* October 2002 until now Head of Phcology Research Group at Botany Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University

* May 29, 2007 until now, Deputy Director of Quality Assurance Center (TQAC) of Tanta University.

* August 4 2009 until now, Vice Dean Faculty of Science for Community Service and Environment.


International Fellowships

* 1988-1990 Ph.D. student at The Experimental Phycology Department, Göttingen University, Germany for completion the practical part of Ph.D. thesis under the channel system of Egyptian German fellowships, GERMANY.

* October 1, 1991 - August 31, 1992 guest researcher at the Biological Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary, through a fellowship of the International Training Course on Selected Topics of Modern Biology, Sponsored by UNESCO, HUNGARY.

* March 15, 1994 March 14, 1996 research fellow in the UNIDO-International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, New Delhi, India.

* September 1- October 29, 1998 Guest researcher at Biological Research Center, Institute of Plant Biology, Szeged, HUNGARY.

* October 29 – December 28, 1998 Guest researcher at the Biochemistry Department, Lund University, SWEDEN.

* June 5- August 2, 1999 Guest researcher at the Biochemistry Department, Lund University, SWEDEN.

* July 2- September 2, 2000 Guest researcher at the Department of Autotrophic Microorganisms, Institute of Microbiology, Trebon, Czech  Republic.

* 2006, 20-30 April, Visiting Professor at Cady Ayyad University, Marrakech, MOROCCO.

* 2006 November 1- April 30, 2007 Visiting Research Professor at the Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Tsukuba University, Tsukuba, JAPAN.

* 2007 August 29- September 5, Visiting Professor at the Department of Biology, Selcuk University, Konya, TURKEY.

* 2008 February29- March 11, Visiting Professor at the Department of Marine Biology, Vienna University, Vienna, AUSTRIA.

* 2009 June 17-23, Visiting Professor at the Department of Botany, Damascus University, Damascus, SYRIA.

* 2009 July 2- 9, Visiting Professor at the Department of Marine Biology, Vienna University, Vienna, AUSTRIA.


International Courses and Conferences:

* 1986 September 15 -December 16, successfully completed a Course in English language at the American University at Cairo, (Egypt).

* 1988 October 17-November 18, participation in a course on (Isolation, Culture and Reproduction of Algae) in the Algal Culture Collection, Göttingen University, (Germany).

* 1989 September 4-9, V. Symposium on experimental Phycology, Göttingen (Germany).

* 1991 September 16-27, Advanced course on limnological Bases for River Management in Zaragossa (Spain).

* 1992 July 3-7, FESPP workshop on the environmental factors affecting Photosystem II, Szeged (HUNGARY).

* 1993, March 29-30, the 8th Conference of Microbiology, Cairo, (Egypt).

* 1993, April 5-7, the first Egyptian Hungarian Conference on the Environment, St.Catharine, Sinai (Egypt).

* 1993 June 28- July 2, Theoretical Course "Environmental Applications of the Biotechnology: Scientific Risk Assessment Methodologies" UNIDO-International center for genetic Engineering and biotechnology, Trieste (Italy).

* 1994 October 25 - November 10, Workshop on "Insecticidal Endotoxins" UNIDO-International center for genetic Engineering and biotechnology, New Delhi (INDIA).

* 1994 November 22 - December 10, Workshop on "Plant Transformation" UNIDO-International center for genetic Engineering and biotechnology, New Delhi (INDIA).

* 1994 December 14-17, International Symposium on Molecular Biology, ICGEB- Jwahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi (INDIA).

* 1998 March 24, Workshop on the role of algae in development, and purification of waters of lakes and rivers, Ismalia University, (EGYPT).

* 1998 August 17-22, XI International Conference on Photosynthesis,                                Budapest (HUNGARY)

* 1998 August 23- September 1, European Science Foundation Advanced                  Summer School “Structure and Dynamics of Photosynthetic                Membranes” Szeged (HUNGARY).

* 1999, April 4, Workshop on the Biotechnology in Agriculture, National Research Institute, Cairo (EGYPT).

* 1999, December 2, meeting on bioremediation for the decontamination

              of environmental pollutants, Zagazig University (EGYPT).

* 2000 March 31, Workshop on the environmental problems in Gharbia Governorate and the role of the University. Tanta, (EGYPT).

* 2000, May 7-8, 1st International Congress on Biological Sciences,

            Tanta (EGYPT).

* 2000, October 21-23, 1st International Symposium of Phycology,

             Ismalia University (EGYPT).

* 2001 June, 10-11, Workshop in the Bio-Agricultures, Mersa Matrouh Governor office, Mersa Matrouh (EGYPT).

* 2002, April 27-28, 2nd International Congress on Biological

            Sciences, Tanta (EGYPT).

* 2003, February 23-28, 7th International conference on Solar Energy and applied Photochemistry (SOLAR '03) combined with 4th International Workshop on Environmental Photochemistry (Enpho '03), Luxor (EGYPT)..

* 2004, 28-29 April, The 3rd International Conference on Biological Sciences, Tanta, (EGYPT).

* 2004, 27- 28 November, The first yearly Conference “Environmental Risk Management under Modern Technological Aspects" Modern Academy, Cairo (EGYPT).

* 2005, 21 May, workshop “Internal quality system” Tanta University (EGYPT).

* 2005, 22 May, workshop “Course Specification” Tanta University (EGYPT).

* 2005, 21-23 June, The first International conference on renewable energy and hydrogen production (ALGERIA).

* 2006, 1-3 April, The First International Environmental Forum “A new Strategy for Developing Communities and Environment” Tanta University (EGYPT).

* 2006, 22-26 May, Advanced course “Marine Algae Culture: Techniques, Uses and Development Perspectives” Zaragoza (SPAIN).

* 2006, The International Computer Driving License (ICDL).

* 2006, 11-13 September, 5th International Internet Education Conference,

Cairo (EGYPT).

* 2007 Certified Trainer (TOT) from FLDP, Ministry of Higher Education.

* 2008, 20-21 February, Coordinator of the International conference on enhancing scientific research: New Horizons, Tanta University (EGYPT).

* 2008 13-16 March, 1st International conference for Biological and Environmental Sciences, Mansura University –Hurghada (EGYPT).

* 2008 17-19 June, Workshop  TOT on Teaching (EGYPT).

* 2008 21-22 June, The first International Conference of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education. (EGYPT).

* 2008 July 17, Work shop (Action plan to design institutional strategic plan). National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education, Cairo (EGYPT).

* 2008 July 27-30, Annual meeting of the Phycological Society of America, Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana, (USA).

* 2008 November 22-25, Second International Conference on Aquatic Resources”Integrated coastal zone management and sustainable Development” Alexandria , (EGYPT).

* 2008 27-29 November, Second International Environmental Forum: New Environmental Horizons of Sustainable Development, Tanta ,

            (General Coordinator). (EGYPT).

* 2008 December 22, Bioremediation of Environmental Pollution. Meeting of Egyptian Botanical Society, Tanta, (Assoc. General Coordinator).


*2008 May 27, International forum "Opportunities and challenges for University leadership in Education for Sustainable Development" UNIDO-Egyptian National Cleaner Production Center, Cairo, (EGYPT).

*2009 October 28-29, International Conference on Modern Trends in Botanical and Microbiological Research, Port Said (EGYPT).

* 2009 December 28, 1st Activity of the Council of Basic Science,   Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT) (EGYPT).

* 2010 February 14-15 2nd International Conference on phycology, limnology and aquatic Sciences, Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University Port said (General Coordinator) (EGYPT).

* 2011 April 16-19, 8th International conference on Future horizon for Environmental Development in Arab Countries and facing the Challenges - Sharm El-Sheikh  (chairman of session) (EGYPT).

* 2011 April 26, seminar (Effects of Climate Changes on Egyptian coasts) Faculty of Science, Tanta University, (General Coordinator) (EGYPT).



Research Interest

Biotechnology of microalgae, Microalgae and macerolagae as biofertilizers, Taxonomy of microalgae, Genetic engineering of microalgae, Photosynthesis of algae, Algae as monitors for environmental pollution, Algae and cyanobacteria as source of antimicrobial substances. Use of algae and cyanobacteria for degradation of environmental pollutants. Use of algae to alleviate toxic effects of drugs and fatty liver in animals and humans.

Research Supervision

Eighteen students have successfully completed their M.Sc and Ph.D. theses under my direct supervision. Students are from Tanta University, Menoufia University, Benha University, Mansoura University, South Valley University (15 M.Sc. and 3 Ph.D.). I am currently have 8 M.Sc. and 8 Ph.D. Students under my supervision, are from Tanta University, National Research Center, Cairo, Benha University, Menoufia University. I have been acting as a referee for the M.Sc and Ph.D. theses and research articles from Universities and as a referee in a position of assistant lecturer appointment at University of Mansoura, Damiatta branch.


Teaching Duties


I am teaching for undergraduate and postgraduate levels at faculties of Science and Education at Tanta University and Faculty of Education at Kafr El-Sheikh branch, Faculty of Science, Menoufia and Canal-Suez University, Faculty of Agriculture and Pharmacy, Tanta University.


Undergraduate Level:

General Botany (Morphology and Anatomy), Systematic Botany (Virology, Bacteriology, Phycology, Mycology and Archegoniates). Taxonomy of algae, Physiology of algae, Bryophyta, Fossil algae, Economic uses of Algae.

Postgraduate level:

Biotechnology of microalgae, Microbial physiology, Physiology of algae, Molecular taxonomy of algae, Computer Science.


Teaching for the primary school teachers in the frame of the programme between Tanta University and Ministry of Education for promotion of primary school teachers to the university level. I am also teaching computer sciences for the postgraduate students with the cooperation with Ministry of communication and Information and Tanta University. Teaching for the Middle and high school teachers in the frame of the programme of preparation of teachers to teach Science by English.


Regional Editor for Scientific Journals

1-    International Journal of Botany

2-    Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

3-    Journal of Biological Sciences

4-    Asian Journal of Scientific Research

5-    Asian Journal of Plant Sciences

Reviewer for Scientific Journals

A-   International Journals

6-    Aquaculture (Elsevier)

7-    Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences

8-    American Journal of Plant Physiology

9-    Asian Journal of Agricultural Research

10-     International Journal of Soil Science

11-     Research Journal of Environmental Sciences

12-     Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology

13-     Journal of Great Lakes Research (Elsevier)

14-     Journal of Coastal Research

15-     Archives of Microbiology (Springer)

16-     Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Springer)

17-     International Research Journal of Microbiology

18-     World Applied Science Journal

19-     African Journal of Biotechnology

20-     Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences

21-     Trends in Applied Sciences Research

22-     African Journal of Agricultural Research

23-     Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society

24-     African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

25-     International J. of Water Resources and Environ. Engineering

26-     International Research Journal of Microbiology

27-     Journal of Engineering and Technology Research (JETR)

28-     Research Journal of Toxins

29-     Recent Patents on Food, Nutrition & Agriculture

30-     International Research Journal of Biotechnology (IRJOB)

31-     International Journal of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (IJPPB)

32-     Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology (JECE)

33-     Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences (Elsevier)

34-     International Journal (Dirasat), Amman University,( Jordan)

35-     Journal of the Association of Arab Universities for Basic and Applied Sciences (Bahrain)

36-     Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management

37-     Forestry Studies in China

38-     Ecological Engineering (Elsevier)

39-     Journal of Environmental Biology

40-     Journal of Phycology (Wiley-Blackwell)

41-     Journal of Ecology and Natural Environment (JENE)

B-   Egyptian Journals

42-  Egyptian Journal of Phycology

43-  Bulletin Faculty of Science, Assiut University

44-  Bulletin of Faculty of Education Ain Shams university

45-  New Egyptian Journal of Microbiology

46-  The International Journal of  Environmental Sciences (Catrina)

47-  Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science

48-  Egyptian Journal of  Biotechnology

49-  The Egyptian Journal for Experimental Biology

50-  Egyptian Journal of Botany

51-  Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research

52-  Egyptian Journal of Natural Toxins

C-   Conferences

53-  International conference of biological Sciences, Tanta University

54-     The 2nd International conference on phycology, limnology and aquatic science

55-     The 5th scientific conference of Faculty of Science, Zagazig University

56-  2nd International Workshop on Hydrogen production (Algeria)

Projects Reviewer

1- Reviewer for the scientific project from Mansoura University

2- Reviewer for the Science & Technology Development Fund (STDF) Projects

3- External Evaluator for the Microbiology course at Faculty of Science, Menoufia University.

 4- External Evaluator for M.Sc. and PhD programs for genetic Engineering Institute, Sadat City, Menoufia University